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Welcome to Influence On YouTube

How to Create Your Own YouTube Channel for FREE

Want to learn how to make a YouTube Channel?

Whether you want to create hobby site or want to generate income…

Influence On YouTube is here to help. Think of us as Wikipedia of YouTube

Why Free Course?

Free and Open Source is how we are growing and increasing our knowledge. Creating content isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and dedication to quality and not quantity. We want to help people create the best content possible and know how to create the best YouTube channel possible. We’re tired of crappy content that exists today and we hope to share our knowledge with you so that you can join us and providing the world with the best. We only get paid from ads and affiliate programs, so if you do like our free YouTube course, feel free to purchase any tools you need for your amazing YouTube Channel. Thanks!

P.S While we are currently offering a full free YouTube course for you. We do want to offer a paid course someday. We are looking to work with current YouTube influencers and create a huge masterclass. Things they’ve learned from their experience. It’s not just going to be a regular course, but a mentorship type course where wisdom is better than knowledge. So think of our free course as a knowledge base of how to create the best YouTube Channel (of course we provide some amazing insights of our own), but the paid course is all about wisdom.