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Collaborating with Other YouTubers

Today we are talking about collaborating with other YouTubers, so what does this mean?

Collaborating with other youtube leads to massive audience growth potential.

Why is that? Why should you collab with other YouTubers?

Because when you collaborate with another Youtuber, they will bring their audience to your video and that audience might subscribe to your channel and watch your other videos. You want to make sure that you collaborate with more and less popular youtube offers than you. You don’t necessarily need to only go after more popular Youtuber is because they have a large audience. The reason is because it would be great fit to your brand and image.

But they might not have time and I’ve tried to reach out to YouTubers who have a huge audience to help and collaborate with and they’re just too busy. They have their own thing going on. But if there are YouTubers that have fewer subscribers, they might be more likely to collaborate with you because they also want your audience.

More benefits of collabing with other YouTubers

And that’s fine because who knows maybe that youtube or we’ll get super popular and in the future if they have a video with you in that video, when they have lots and lots of subscribers, that’s a chance for your videos and your channel to get viewed by their followers. And so these collaborations though must make sense for your viewers. You can’t just collaborate with a popular youtube or just because they’re popular. You want to make sure that you’re creating a video that you, your viewers will want.

Collaborated with other people who do after effects, motion graphics, and that makes sense for your channel if you are into film making because people want to see that that’s who my subscriber base is. That’s who your target audience is. But if you collaborated with someone who does gardening, that might not make sense for my viewers, even if they have a very popular channel because my viewers aren’t going to want to watch that video necessarily and they might not really want to go over to that youtube channel at all.

The great thing about the current age is that technology allows us to collaborate with other YouTubers across oceans. We can do Skype interviews, we can create videos and share the content and edit videos together to make it super high quality. There is no longer a barrier between us and anyone else in the world with an Internet connection.

In conclusion

There’s a lot of people doing this as well in the Los Angeles area because there are so many people creating videos and you see some of the best YouTubers. So get to action. Do this stuff. Start setting up dates. Just reach out to people.

You can just send them a message, post a comment on their YouTube page or on their channel or on any of their videos, and start to build those relationships so that you can then create videos together and share your audiences.