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YouTube Hashtags

How to Add Hashtags on YouTube

A hashtag is denoted by the pound sign (#). YouTube supports the use of hashtags in text for easy searches by viewers. Creators use hashtags in their videos to improve discoverability and visibility of their content. It also improves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of videos.

How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are put on the video titles and description. They are also hyperlinked. They can also be used in the description section. The first three hashtags in description appear on the title and are clickable.

YouTube hashtag policy is clear on topics that cannot be used. Hashtags that promote harassment, sexual violation, hate speech, and vulgar language are not acceptable. Standard practice includes;

  • Over-tagging: YouTube ignores hashtags when they are used in excess. Only use the most relevant hashtags to your videos.
  • No Spacing: When you want to use more than two hashtags, they are separated using a comma and no space between the words.
  • Misleading content: Avoid using hashtags that are misleading or not related to your content. 

Hashtags vs. Tags

400;”>Tags are descriptive Keywords used on YouTube to rank and position your videos. They help in improving search results by viewers. The keywords are hidden from viewers unless they are using some apps. An easier way to see a video’s tags is by using YouTube channel management tools, such as VidIQ and TubeBuddy.

Hashtags, on the other hand, are clickable and visible.

How to add Hashtags

Redundant hashtags have negative effects on your SEO. Hashtags appear best when used in the content description rather than titles. Choosing at least three best hashtags will work perfectly for your video.

Using proper hashtags will bring traffic to your YouTube. Ensure you use hashtags used by other creators so that they can be redirected to your website or getting suggestions.

Hashtag Analytics

Currently, YouTube Analytics does not capture traffic from hashtags.

Hashtag Tools

SEO is used in Hashtag research. You can use different Keyword tools to find words with high searches for your content. You can find the best Hashtags on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for free.


  • Google Trends

keto - Explore - Google Trends

The website offers all trending keyword searches in various regions. You can use this platform to find the best ranking keywords.


  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

Using the free Keyword Planner (KP) helps you get Keywords for marketing your content. All you need to access this planner is a Google Ads account.


  • YouTube Autocomplete

youtube auto suggest

The ideal way of finding Keywords is using YouTube auto search suggestions. When viewers are searching for certain videos or topics, some suggestions appear. From those suggestions, it is easier to pick relevant keywords.


  • RapidTags

This is a premium App which gives high ranking search terms on YouTube and search engines. It is free with plans starting at $3.99 monthly.


  • TubeBuddy


This is a website extension that is compatible with YouTube. It has useful analytics tools for SEO management, Keyword planning, tag management, among other solutions for YouTube creators. 


  • Rite Tag

Rite Tag offers the trending Twitter hashtag suggestions for use on YouTube videos. You can add it to your browser and as well integrate it with many top-rated social media and marketing services. 


  • VidIQ


VidIQ is an extension for YouTube website that helps marketers and content creators grow their channels and brand awareness. It helps in tag management, Keyboard searches, analytics, and video score.