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How to Check Who Is Subscribed to You on YouTube

Can you see who is subscribed to your channel on YouTube?

Sure, you can see who is subscribed, including the most recent subscribers. But how? Do the following to check who did it.  

How to see your YouTube subscribers on desktop

  • Log into your YouTube account and tap your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 
  • Locate and tap the “YouTube Studio” option. 
  • Once on the dashboard, look for a card that reads “Recent Subscribers” and tap See More to get more info. This directs you to a list where you can view subscribers by date subscribed or subscriber count. Note that you will only see the 100 most recent subscribers, and only those who have chosen to have their profile remain public.
  • Tap on “See All.” You should see who subscribed to your channel, when they did that, and their subscriber count. 
  • You can also use the arrow in the top-right corner to filter by the last 7 days, last 28 days, last 90 days, last 365 days, or a lifetime.

How to see your YouTube subscribers on mobile

Note that the complete list of your subscribers is only available on the desktop version of YouTube. On a mobile app, you can only see your YouTube subscribers’ number instead of a full list of names. However, you can view your subscribers’ complete list on your mobile device by logging into your account on a browser and going to 

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the App Store or Play Store and download the YouTube Studio, since the actual YouTube app won’t provide you the information:
  • On your channel, your number of YouTube subscribers will appear next to your user icon and beneath your name.

Finding lost subscribers

Is the number of your subscribers dropping over time? There are possible reasons why you are witnessing this:

  • YouTube has suspended users identified as spammers and who happened to be among your subscribers 
  • Some subscribers choose to unsubscribe from your channel for reasons best known to them
  • Some subscribers have switched their accounts from public to private.  Your subscriber list only includes users who choose to keep their accounts public.

Growing your subscriber list

The most obvious way is to create content people want to see. Once you have that content, the next step is making sure people know about your channel. The easiest way to do this is to ensure your channel shows up conspicuously in Google search results. So, how do you do this?

It is simple! Since search engines don’t have the potential to read words in your videos, the trick is making the best use of your channel descriptions and comments. On your channel descriptions, ensure to include terms or keywords potential subscribers are likely to use when searching for videos like yours.

When it comes to comments, you don’t have control over what other leaves for you, but you can ensure you include target keywords in your replies to those comments. 

Once your prospects find your channel, you need to figure out how to keep them around. The best way to go about is to create videos that attract them to subscribe and to come back for more content in the future.