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Should You or Shouldn’t You Delete Comments

Let’s discuss why you should never delete comments on YouTube.

If you’re a content creator, it is inevitable for you to receive comments.

So what do you do with bad comments? spam comments?

There is two option, and one of the options is not deleting comments.

Some people might delete them, some people might mark them as spam and report them.

But I’m here to tell you deleting a comment is not the right answer.

There will always be trolls, critics, and some unintentional misunderstanding communication. Yes, some people do not know how to respond how you want them to, and in some cases, the first reaction might not always be the best one.

Don’t get offended or emotional, it’s part of your success and growth. If you do receive any criticism, just take into consideration but don’t take it personally. If it benefits your overall brand, then make the changes, if not, everyone has opinions, you need to make your own decision and run with what you believe is good for you.

So, the first option is instead of deleting them, you hide them.

How do you hide them? You get more people to comment on your video. What else can I say? Your job as a content creator is to create quality content so that people keep commenting more good than bad. Follow all the tips and tricks to getting more views for your video so that you can gather more comments.

What about spam comments?

If you’ve been creating content or putting videos on YouTube for an extended period of time at all, I’m sure you’ve seen some spam comments. There are a million people out there that span and they always don’t get marked as spam.

So you have to basically keep an eye out for these type of comments.

And the second option is to report them as spam.

What YouTube love is watch time, views and etc. But one thing they really love is interactions, such as likes and comments.

Keeping all comments and not deleting them is the best option.