How to Upload Videos on YouTube

Reading Time is About 6 Minutes

If you have some video content and you want to upload it on YouTube, make sure that you upload it right. If you don’t know the process of uploading a video, read this article and get helpful step-wise tips on how to achieve that in a hassle-free guided manner. Worry no more because we got helpful tips for you. Here, we give you step-wise instructions on how to upload videos on your YouTube channel. Save your mind from stress and save your time by following our instructions.  

Primary Requirements of Videos Eligible to Upload on YouTube

Something worthy to note before getting started to uploading YouTube videos is the format of the video. YouTube is a powerful tool that supports the following video formats:

  • .MPEG4
  • .MP4
  • .MOV
  • .AVI
  • .3GPP
  • .FLV
  • .WMV
  • .WebM
  • .DNxHR
  • .CineForm
  • .ProRes
  • .HEVC (h265)

Didn’t find your video under the above formats? Kindly visit YouTube Troubleshooter page for helpful conversion tips.

Uploading Videos on Your YouTube Channel on a Desktop

NB: You must open a YouTube channel before uploading any content. Your content thrives on your YouTube Channel. Opening a YouTube channel is simple as ABC… if you already have an existing one, the better.

  1. Log in into your YouTube Channel
  2. Go to the YouTube homepage
  3. At the top right-hand corner of the page, click the “Sign In” button
  4. Sign Into your channel. Use your Google or YouTube details
  5. At the top right-hand corner, click the “Create a Video or Post” icon
  6. Click on the upload button. It is located at the top of the homepage, the right side of the search bar.

Tip to Note: One person can manage multiple YouTube accounts. Ensure you upload the video on the right channel and check to confirm before proceeding on every step. Switch accounts everywhere necessary.

1. Choose the video you want to upload

To browse the video, you wish to upload, click “Select Files To Upload.” Alternatively, you can drag and drop your video onto the browser window.

Caution: choose the videos privacy settings first before you click the OPEN button.

2. Choose privacy settings

Choosing privacy settings must be done before you upload the video. Click on the drop-down menu and choose from these four options:

  • Public – video content is open for everyone to see. Appears on search results and is recommended across YouTube.
  • Unlisted – video is only accessible to those with a URL link (sharing link) for viewing.
  • Private – only you can view the video when you log into your YouTube account. 
  • Scheduled – video is uploaded as private, but you schedule when it will go public

Tip to Note: It is possible to change privacy settings even after the video has been released. That is easily done on the Video Manager Page.

3. Click on the open button

Unverified YouTube accounts will be limited to 15-minute videos. You must verify your account via text message. Verifying your account will enable you to post longer videos. Existing videos from your webcam can also be uploaded. Ensure you preview the video before uploading.

4. Add Your YouTube video details

Click the profile icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. Click the drop-down menu and select “Switch Accounts.” Select the right account for the video you want to upload.

Tip to Note: check the upload progress on the status bar. Meanwhile, click the “Basic Info” tab and fill the rest of the details about the video.

Make sure that you fill the three required pieces of information below.

  • Title – the name of your video. Choose relevant keywords for an easy appearance on search results
  • Description – add hashtags and info to describe your video. Provide relevant external links
  • Tags – keywords that best fit your video 

Video descriptions and tags are optional but very useful for YouTube SEO. Generate the right keywords using the YouTube Keyword Tool. 

Other highly recommended Options

  • Thumbnails – use custom thumbnails to attract viewers
  • Hashtags – they make your video more searchable for viewers to find it
  • 400;”>End screens and bans – help promote your YouTube brand and extend the watch time on the video.
  • Getting subscribers – use YouTube SEO, external links, and social media to get traffic to your video.

5. Hit the “SAVE” button

Clicking the “save” button will save the necessary details of the video. A filled progress bar means that the video has been uploaded successfully on YouTube. You can embed the video to your website and share it via other means.

Uploading YouTube Video Using a Mobile Device

You can upload YouTube videos using a mobile phone. The process is slightly different from when uploading the video using YouTube. 

When uploading a YouTube video on your mobile phone, follow these set of step-wise instructions:

  1. Select the video and upload it using sharing settings
  2. Use the video player on your mobile device to open the video
  3. Press the share button. Locate it after selecting your file
  4. Scroll and Select YouTube. That is going to upload the video directly to your account. Some users have to fill in their login credentials.

Once you reach this point, you follow the steps discussed previously on uploading a video on a desktop.

  1. Add a title to your video
  2. Add descriptions to the video
  3. Add tags to your video
  4. Select privacy settings
  5. Click upload or publish button

How to Upload DVD Content on YouTube

If you want to upload DVD content to your channel, start by downloading and installing DVD ripper software. The next steps will be as follows:

  1. Insert the DVD and copy its contents
  2. Rip your files using the ripper software
  3. Click the “Encode” button at the bottom to begin the ripping process
  4. Log into your YouTube account
  5. Increase the time duration of the video where necessary
  6. Verify your account using the verification code sent by Google
  7. On the homepage, start uploading your video
  8. Click the “upload” button
  9. Click “Select Files To Upload” button
  10. Double click on the file to send it
  11. Edit the settings on your video
  12. Click the “Publish” button

How to Use YouTube SEO Tool

After you have uploaded your video successfully, you must look forward to getting the best results from your videos. Using the YouTube SEO tool exposes you to a wide variety of valuable data, analytics, and recommendations. This tool will help you get more traffic to view your content.


We have explored and learned various ways of uploading a video on YouTube. The main highlights covered uploading a video into your YouTube channel using:

  • A desktop 
  • A mobile device 
  • A DVD.

The steps are more straightforward than they seem. If you have a readily prepared video, uploading the file to your YouTube Channel with useful internet will take less than 10 minutes. When posting for your third and fourth time, you won’t need to refer somewhere anymore.