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19 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

What is the best way to promote YouTube videos and channels? There are several ways you can promote your videos and channel today. This piece has wrapped up some of the best ways you may want to consider. These are tried and tested, so be confident enough they will also work for you if you do them in the right way. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Produce High-Quality Videos

You have to invest in the quality of your videos. There is no shortcut in this if you want to remain on top of the game. The storyline has to be appealing and catchy enough to attract more and more views. Also, remember to customize it well by using the right SEO tactics.

That is not all; you need to pay keen attention to the structure of your videos. For example, have a strong introduction, followed by informative and attractive content, then call to action and an outro.

All this time, remember to pay keen attention to the length of your video. You make your video too long, and few people will watch it. You make it short; you may fail to capture some of the crucial things. So, what is the ideal length? First, be guided with the information you want to share. You can as well follow what most marketers do; they create videos that are 3-5 minutes longs.

Develop an Attention-Grabbing Trailer

How many times have you watched movies because of short trailers you watched? Many times, of course. Why not also create an attention-grabbing trailer? And yes, it is possible to create a trailer. If you have comfortably created videos for your audience, a short trailer will only take you a few minutes. And just remember to make sure your trailer is compelling enough.

Use Testimonials

How many times do you go through reviews and testimonials before shopping? Most buyers start by scanning them before making a decision. It is also possible you rely on them to make a purchase. The same way reviews and testimonials give you a reason to shop; they will give people a reason to view your videos. So, consider using customer testimonials when promoting your videos.

Build A High-Quality YouTube Channel

The next step you should consider doing is building a well customized YouTube channel. And yes, today it is possible to have one. SEO techniques allow you to tailor your channel with the YouTube algorithm in mind. Remember as much as you have to create videos for human; the YouTube algorithm also has to understand them.

It is simple to do this. You simply have to add title tags; video descriptions and keywords that are relevant. Remember also to work on your technical SEO. Once you do that, you can rest assured it will be easier to promote your channel and its content.

Get A Bit Familiar with Media Strategy

There are various ways to promote your YouTube content today:

Owned media: You can leverage owned media. Owned media are basically the platforms you own and have full control. For example, your website.

Earned media: This happens when you earn publicity and recognition through public relations, social media efforts, and word-of-mouth. For example media coverage, blog comments, tweets, and mentions, product reviews, and other promotional efforts except for paid media.

Paid media: This refers to any marketing effort you have to pay to get results. For example, branded content and social media ads.

Advertising Via Social Media and Email Marketing

Another excellent way to market your YouTube videos is through social media. You can do it by engaging with your audience with either free or through paid methods. Below are some of the paid and free methods you can leverage:

Paid methods

  • Facebook video ads
  • Google AdWords for video
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Groupon and any other social media site where your target audience frequents

Free methods

  • Medium
  • WhatsApp
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Google+
  • Facebook pages and groups
  • LinkedIn plus
  • Quora

Whether you choose free or paid options, there is a guarantee to build your brand and a large following of loyal customers. Basically, start by finding where you target audience like to hang out, and then you supply them with relevant video content. If you do that, you can be sure to build your channel in no time.

Connect and Collaborate with The Best Influencers and Other Brands

Working closely with influencers in your niche is a big plus. For example, you can record a video interviewing an influencer within your niche and then share that video to your audience then wait and see whether the influencer will reciprocate by sharing with his or her audience. Often, most influencers will share with their audience.

You can also comment on related videos in the YouTube community. In most cases, you will find people commenting on your videos too just because you also commented on their video. And that broaden your market efforts. You can as well guest post.

Another excellent way to collaborate with industry influencers is by commenting on related videos in the YouTube community. Oftentimes, by commenting on someone else’s video, they will reciprocate by commenting on yours. Now if an influencer you are looking to collaborate happens to comment, this gives you an opportunity to approach him or her to inquire more about collaborating.

Other ways include but not limited to, producing a video together. This allows you to share your audience. You can also make guest appearances on the influencers blogs, webinars or videos. You can as well ask an industry influencer if he would be willing to exchange mentions. Doing this will make you both appear as more of an authority.

Consider Doing Some PR

Public relations is yet another excellent way to promote your YouTube videos and channel. You can do this by using a press release in the effort to contact reporters, editors, and influential industry bloggers. Doing this will help generate free media coverage and additional exposure for your videos.

You can also leverage digital public relations techniques. That is, connect with online influencers by sharing your best videos with reporters, media personalities, and industry leaders. If your video content is worth, those influencers might find it worth to share them with their audiences or to add it to their website or blog.

Promote YouTube Channel on Your Blog

You can embed videos into just about any platform. So, if you have a blog, consider promoting them there. You can even start a blog specifically for promoting your YouTube videos. Luckily, today, it is possible to create a blog in just a few steps. For example, if type “how to build a blog online without coding.” You will be surprised by the many options that exist.

Promote Videos Via Adwords

Another excellent way to promote your videos is advertising on Google Ads. Google Ads is a platform developed by Google. The best thing about this platform is that it gives you the freedom to pick your plan and will give you plenty of analytics that will help you tweak their performance.

Runs Contests

Running contests regularly can give you an edge in promoting your channel and videos. The key to running win-win contests is first to understand the kind of gifts your audience love. Don’t make assumptions. If you want to see real results, first dive deeper, and understand what gifts are appropriate for your audience. With a good contest promotion strategy, you can run successful contests.

With that in mind, you can sponsor a contest by:

Attaching an overlay call-to-action to click for the contest details.

Asking for video likes comments or new subscribers in exchange for an entry.

Upload a call-to-action video where you announce a contest, its rules, and excitement builders leading up to the contest’s roll-out.

Sponsor a video contest where you ask your viewers to upload their best videos talking about your products or services.

Work with Analytics

Want to find out how your videos are performing? Google Analytics will give you real-time information that you can use to make the necessary changes. One this with Google Analytics is that it is easy to use.

Use YouTube SEO Tools

Perfecting in video SEO sometimes can be an uphill task. YouTube SEO tools like Tubics and YouTube tag generator make your work easier. Why then struggle to rank your videos on search result while there are excellent tools in the market? Just make the best use of these tools and watch video SEO pays off.

Cross Promotion

Another excellent way to expand your reach is through cross-promotion. You do this by promoting your channel and videos across different networks: You can do this by performing the following:

Sharing your videos on industry-related forums

Promote your channel and videos on the TV, radio, related forums, online magazines, etc.

Commenting on blogs.

Use YouTube APIs to create YouTube badges that link to your channel, and that can also be put on your website.

Always make sure to include a link to your YouTube channel on other social media sites, your website, blog, and in your email signature.

Create A YouTube Brand and Build Your Community

It is possible to identify an Apple product because of its logo and sometimes the design. This is because Apple has worked to build its brand, making it possible for people to recognize their products at first glance. It is also possible for your viewers to notice your videos at first glance by coming up and using a consistent logo, watermark, or intro. It is simple to build a brand.

Interacting with Your Audience

Engaging your audience often is very crucial, and especially if looking to stay on top of the game. You can do this by answering their questions. For example, you can create a Q&A video. Ideally, make your audience feel at home by making them feel you value their presence. A simple act of replying to their queries within a short time is one way of winning the hearts of your viewers.

Use Call to Action

Including a few CTAs in your video content is another excellent way to promote your channel and videos. You have the freedom to use any CTA you think will trigger your audience to watch your videos. If you are creative enough, CTAs will reward you abundantly.

Below are some of the CTAs you can add:

  • Enter to win
  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Learn more
  • Join us

Use End Screens and Cards

400;”>End screens and cards use the last few seconds of your videos to encourage viewers to engage with your video or channel. They are also useful in cross-promotion. So how do you use cards and screens to promote your videos? It is simple. You simply include these to one of your video’s pointing to another one you recommend. You can as well do this to promote a channel or playlist.

Allow Embeds

Allowing the embed feature on your videos is another great idea that will allow you to promote your videos seamlessly. Allowing this feature makes it possible for other people to use the embed URL that comes with your video and place it on their blog, website, social media, and so on.

Create Playlists

There are many reasons why creating a playlist is a big plus. First, having a playlist allow your viewers to view more and more videos, and this may trigger them to share, like, or comment about your videos. If a viewer likes your video content, a playlist makes it easy for such a viewer to keep watching one right after the other.

Besides having your videos in a playlist improve user experience.  This is because it is effortless to find all your videos. Again, a playlist plays a big role in boosting your YouTube channel and video rankings by increasing its views and watch times. It is that rewarding to have a playlist.


There are many ways to promote your YouTube channel and videos. You just have to pick those approaches that work best for you. You can even try one at a time until you have a list of promotions methods that work best for you. The above are some of the excellent ways to promote your channel and video. Hopefully, you find this piece very helpful.