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What is YouTube Channel Name?

The YouTube Channel Name is the official name of a YouTube Channel, as you surely know. Your Channel Name can be your own first and last name or you can choose to label your YouTube Channel with a different designation, one that describes what you do on YouTube and what people should expect.

The importance of your Channel Name

If you think it’s just a name, you should think again because your YouTube Channel name appears just about everywhere, from your videos, to your channel page, and YouTube search results. Moreover, it will play a big part into how people will regard you and your YouTube channel. Basically, your name must be resonant as a brand.

How to make your YouTube Channel Name sound as a brand?

There are 4 big categories of Channel Names that you could possibly go for:

  1. Name (Justin Bieber)
  2. Brand (Coca-Cola)
  3. Category (DIY cheats)
  4. Descriptive (Epic Rap Battles)

If you are planning on being the “face” of the channel, then you should go for the first approach. It’s the easiest and most honest one. If you are, say, an entrepreneur with a strong personal brand, who wants to share snippets of his daily life and work routine and also tap into the motivational speakers’ niche, then naming your YouTube Channel after yourself is a good idea. If you do not feel like using your own name for your personal YouTube Channel, then you’ve got a few other choices.

marques brownlee - YouTube


Choose a name that describes your topic

If naming your channel after yourself is not to your liking, you can always pick a channel name that is self-explanatory of the type of videos you put out. Don’t try to literally describe your channel’s topic like, say, “best ever food review show”. Instead, think of a name that could describe your content in a creative and witty way. One good example is the “Best Ever Food Review Show” which travels the world reviewing culture and food. And  “Video Influencers” YouTube Channel which is all about teaching you how to grow your brand through video and it sounds good, both the name and their content.

Best Ever Food Review Show - YouTube (2)


Video Influencers

Choose a Channel Name that is unique

One thing you need to make sure is that your name will stand out from all the others in your niche. Think of Blogilates

blogilates - YouTube

If you plan on opening a YouTube Channel that will deliver top-notch science videos, don’t name it “Action Laboratory” because there is already a famous, multi-million-views channel called “Action Lab”.  So, your “Action Laboratory” could be confused with the bigger account, and no matter how qualitative your content will be, there will always be this confusion. Go for something more creative, instead.

The Action Lab - YouTube

One way to make sure your desired name is not taken is to search it on YouTube. If you find other channels with similar names, you’ll need to think about another one. Also, make sure to search that name on Google, as well. Always double check, just to make sure people won’t confuse you with someone else, or even worse.

Choose a YouTube Channel Name that “Sticks”

Your YouTube Channel Name is really important and it should be something that people will not forget. The more unique the name, the more it will stick in people’s minds. Some notorious examples are: Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time - YouTube


Quick tips on naming your YouTube Channel


Quick tip 1: Keep it simple!

Your Channel Name should be easy to pronounce and spell. Be creative, but avoid any complicated-to-pronounce names

Quick tip 2: Check name availability!

It’s good to make sure there is an available domain name for your YouTube. You might grow your brand and want to extend it with a website.

Quick tip 3: Check Social Media availability!

Apart from YouTube and Google and domain name, you should also search your desired name on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It would be really nice to have that name across all social platforms so it will be easier for people to find you and follow you.

Quick tip 4:  Use Name Modeling!

You can try and learn from the best. You probably already have a favorite YouTube Channel or brand or vlogger, someone you look up to. Why not start by studying their “formula”? Look at what others have done with their YouTube Channel Naming and try to replicate that, with a twist, your own! Model their ideas into your “Rockstar” naming.

Quick tip 5: Avoid Using Numbers in your Channel Name!

You know those e-mail suggestions, with “MelissasPancakes123” and so on? Using a number in your YouTube Channel Name might look unprofessional and like it’s been autogenerated by a soulless computer. Try to avoid that. You can, maybe, incorporate a digit in your name, maybe like: “Cook 2 impress” or something like that, but you should make sure it reads naturally.

Quick tip 6; Use a tool!

If inspiration just doesn’t seem to hit you, you can always use a tool to help with your Channel Name. There are a few which do a good job. One good example is Shopify Business Name Generator. It works pretty simple. You enter a phrase that you think describes your Channel and the tool will come up with 100 name ideas that include your given term. Another option is Namelix, they might have cool names but it does come at a cost.

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