optimize your youtube video

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

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We’re in a new section about optimizing your videos on YouTube.

This is an amazing section because we’re diving and you’re going to get to follow me as I post and optimize a video. So for those of you who are waiting and looking for that hands-on treatment, this is what you’re going to get in this section.

So what will we be doing

We’re going to actually post our youtube video.

We’ll choose how to get a great title.

We’ll look at writing a good description and

choosing great video tags,

including some tricks that I use to use other popular videos, tags, descriptions, and titles to make mine even better.

We also will look at creating and designing a custom thumbnail that gets more clicks and views.

We’ll look at annotations and cards, adding those to make our videos more engaging and to again, help people subscribe to your channel more and view another video of yours more and click off your videos onto your own website.

We’ll look at using playlists and how that can increase your views and subscribership. We’ll design our channel trailer. We’ll look at creating a nice looking channel itself. Branding our videos with different types of watermarks and lots more.

So this section is going to be a really fun one and I can’t wait to get started.

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