11 Best Keyword Tools for YouTube

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400;”>Videos that appear on the first page on YouTube have high views and conversions. While the statistics for YouTube first page are hard to find, google first page statistics reveal the following;

  • On the first page, the first five results account for an estimated 67.60% clicks while results from six to ten are about 3.73%.
  • Page two and there gets about 5.59% of all clicks.
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Wouldn’t you prefer ranking on the first page? Ranking on the first page will increase your video viewership. While not every content creator is focused on getting to the first page, it is the ultimate way of getting organic traffic to your channel. Some content creators who post videos regularly may not necessarily need to be on the first page. If you post videos infrequently and wish them to count, it is best if you rank on page one.

Using SEO techniques, optimized titles, tags, and descriptions will improve your video ranking. Also enhancing your thumbnail design and appeal brings better results.

YouTube SEO

Why rank on the first page? The click-through rates (CTR) for page-one are higher as compared to other pages. Many people do not go past the first page. Do you? This increases your video visibility and discoverability by viewers.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques sets your channel for natural/organic traffic for your videos. As a content creator, keyword research helps in getting the best ranking tags. These tags are used in metadata, titles, description, and trending hashtags. Once your post is published, YouTube uses its algorithm systems to rank and place your videos in the rightful position.

Keyword Tools


The tool offers essential functionalities and features that help creators grow their channels. The browser extension helps in video scoring, analytics, keyword research, tag management, Video SEO, among other functions.

  • Get comparative results and statistics to improve your Video SEO strategy.
  • Character count in your tags, titles, and description.
  • View, copy and paste top keywords and tags.
  • Tag management
  • Improve SEO straggly, ranking, and reach.
  • Provide video optimization checklist for increasing your views and subscriptions.
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Tubebuddy is a browser extension used by YouTubers to manage and grow their channels. The App is certified for providing quality functions that enhance Video SEO, video ranking, tag management, analysis, Keyword research, bulk processing, marketing, and more.

Why choose TubeBuddy?

  • Its gives robust analytics and statistics for edging competitors.
  • 400;”>Promotes SEO video tragedy, ranking, and reach.
  • Easy to test thumbnails, titles, and tags and pick the best.
  • Translate video titles, descriptions, and tags to many languages.
  • Easy to copy and paste keywords from other videos.
  • Bulk edit and update of posts in your channel.
  • Creates a list of tags for your videos.

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Google Trends

The Google Trends website analyses all the top trending keywords in different locations. A graphical representation of trending tags is used to show the volume over time. Its features include;

  • Get search date for a specified period.
  • Check keyword performance in different countries and sub-regions.
  • Find trending terms and tags.
  • Compare search volumes for relegated topics.
  • See other related trends


Keyword planner (KP) is used for campaign research and planning. It is a tool used by many marketers to find the best keywords for their content and videos. Key features include;

  • Search phrases related to your videos.
  • Get historical statistics, analysis, and competitiveness details.
  • Filter keywords to suit your region.
  • Sort keywords according to trends, seasons, or gadgets.
  • Find the most relevant keywords.


AnswerThePublic (ATP)

ATP gives suggested searches from Bing and Google.

Why use ATP

  • Get how, what, who, where, and why questions for your videos.
  • Give a visualized comparison of search results.
  • Get analytics in alphabetical order.

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YouTube Autocomplete

YouTube suggests certain tags or topics as soon as you start typing. The suggestions are closely related to keywords commonly searched by users.


Keywords Everywhere (KE)

KE is a free search tool which is added as an extension on Chrome and Firefox browsers.  It gives metric results to popular tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Soovle, Keyword Shitter, Answer the Public, Google Search, Majestic Anchor text, Search Console, and Moz open site explorer. Top features are:

  • Get cost per click, competition data, and Keyword search volume.
  • Easy to copy keywords and save them in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats.
  • Get keyword data for any website

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Long Tail Pro

  • Easily find less competitive keywords with high converting traffic.
  • Find your competitors keywords.
  • Get keyword metrics.
  • Create filters based on CPC, rank, and search volume.

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It’s an autocomplete feature that finds search tags people are using on YouTube and generates long-tail keywords.

  • Get search volume data and CPC.
  • Filter by country and language.
  • Get popular hashtags and tags.
  • Get hundreds of long-tail keywords.

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Gives you competitor’s information and why they rank so high. It has over 150 million keywords which are used in videos.

  • Gives search volumes of Keywords in 171 countries.
  • Use filters on keywords.
  • Generate hundreds of keywords.
  • Get an average number of clicks every month.

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It provides intelligence by ranking the 100 keywords on a particular search on Bing and Google.

  • Get multinational and multilingual keywords.
  • Get long-tail keywords.
  • Get search volume and trendy tags 
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