Vlogging vs Live Streaming

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Vlogging or live streaming, which is the best option?

When contemplating creating video content, you may find yourself unable to decide between vlogging and live streaming. Both options are great, and if you do everything well, you can be sure to create content that converts.

Understanding the difference between the two can help you make the right decision. One of the obvious differences is that making a video and uploading requires less time. But there is more to that. You have to be consistent in creating more videos to build a strong relationship with your subscribers.


There are no shortcuts here; you don’t make videos regularly. You give your viewers the freedom to search for alternative channels. In other words, it is prudent to have a schedule that will guide you to be successful in vlogging. Otherwise, forget about growing your channel fast.

Making sure your videos goes viral is also an excellent alternative if you don’t like creating videos often. But note that you have to be good enough for your videos to go viral. And since it is not always a guarantee your videos will go viral, it is prudent to work on creating great content all the time.

If you opt to stream, you must be ready to stick to a schedule. You will need to set a specific time for your streaming. Note that during streaming, you won’t be able to do anything else within that particular time.

The main difference when doing streaming

recording video

So, what’s different when you go streaming versus vlogging?


If you opt to stream, you must be ready to interact with your viewers. Engaging them as you stream gives them a reason to come back to your channel. Besides, by interacting with them, you can weigh whether they are liking what you are doing or not. Basically, streaming is demanding but an excellent way to gain faithful followers.


Competition is based a lot on the amount of current live channels

We have just talked about streaming been very demanding. Now here is the thing you need at least 3 days a week on a fixed schedule to rise above the competition. It is only by doing this you are going to win the hearts of many people. Remember also to have a specific streaming time so that people who like what you are doing can be available.

But that is still not good enough to make you rise above the competition. To build a successful streaming channel, you equally need to consider categories with low competition. Categories with a lot of successful channels no matter how attractive they are to you, don’t consider them first. This is because you will find it extremely hard to be successful in them.

The best way to avoid competition is by considering a space with low or no competition. For example, you can stream about a videogame that was just released.


To Summarize About Streaming

  • You build more faithful followers with streaming: Interacting with your viewers helps in nurturing a long-lasting relationship. Once you build that relationship, you can be sure your viewers will come back to your channel at your fixed schedule.
  • It is hard to excel in streaming unless you find a category with low competition: For you to get noticed fast and to be successful in streaming, it is crucial to consider categories with low competition. Otherwise, you will have a rough time capturing a sizable audience.
  • It is more time consuming than recording vlogging videos: Streaming is more demanding than creating videos. You have to be available 3 times a week, and during this time, you are only limited to streaming. Otherwise, if you don’t allocate enough streaming time, you will have a rough time climbing up the ladder.

Make a plan to start doing both

There is nothing wrong going for both at the same time. If you have enough time, why not try both? In fact, if you do them well, you can be sure to build a full-time income once your channel has enough followers. And yes, your channel can generate enough income for you. That sounds too good to be true? It is possible if you do everything well.