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How to Interact With Your Fans: Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans

Welcome to the YouTube best practices video.

Today we are talking about interacting with your viewers and why this is so important.

So first, let’s go over what that means.

Building the connection with your fans

Everyone wants to feel connected. This is just a fact of human life. Even if you don’t think you want to be connected with another person or a group of people or people around the world, you actually do psychologically, physiologically you want to feel connected with another person.

And the same goes for on Youtube. And so as an expert, your viewers will look up to you. You might not necessarily have a teaching channel where you’re teaching other people how to do things, but a lot of what youtube videos are is sharing your knowledge, sharing your experiences, and being an expert for other people in your niche. And your viewers just by default, will look up to you because you are the one putting out the video.

Even though you might not necessarily be the “expert”, people will look up to you and you can create raving fans with this interaction. You don’t just create fans by putting out a ton of great top content and videos and having people watch it. You create raving fans by connecting with those people so that they know you care about them and these are the fans that will buy into your brand.

Who are your fans?

These are the fans that you will be able to sell your products or products you suggest, that will go to your website, that will join your email list, that will really be a part of your future business and brand growth. And so responding to comments is so important.

How to respond to your fans?

Don’t sound too artificial like,

“Thank you Mr. John Snow and your comment is freaking awesome”.

If you can’t respond with an answer a quick and easy respond will do. Just say, thanks for watching or you’re welcome.

If they’re saying thank you, but then there’s also people who want to ask questions for me, try to solve their problems.  We’re going to look into the Creator Studio, one thing that I love using is the “contains questions”. Just go to YouTube Studio>>Comments and select “contains questions”:

Channel comments youtube

These are people that are engaged in your videos, they are liking your videos, they are commenting on your videos, they’re watching you videos and these are the people that are my raving fans, enough to ask you questions.

So they are the ones that will buy into your brand and will support you if you need that support. Make sure to respond quick enough so they feel that you are real and you sincerely want to help them.

Response time

So how do you get that raving fan?

How do you comment with people?

How do you interact with people?

First, you want to respond to comments quickly if you can. And if you do end up having a popular channel, you might have to log onto youtube day to respond to comments. The reason why is because if a few days go by, if a week or a month goes by and you respond to a comment, that person isn’t invested in that video or in that comment anymore, most likely.

So you want to make sure that you respond while they still have it in their mind and hey, if you’re a viewer of a video and you comment on it and then you get a response from the YouTuber within a day or within the hour, that’s pretty awesome and you’re going to feel like you mean something to them and feel connected to them.

Asking for Feedback

Another tip is to ask for feedback and respond to that feedback. You always want to ask, “if anyone watching this right now, please give me your feedback for what you like and dislike about this video”. Do that all the time. Get lots of great feedback and then take action and improve my videos. It’ll increase and improve the way you teach, improve the topics that you teach on.

And getting that feedback and showing that you’re responding to that feedback will really help build that fan base and that interaction with people because they see that and will say, “wow, you’re someone that actually takes opinions of the things matters to me and you act and react to it. That’s amazing”.

Another idea is to talk to your video viewers in your videos

A lot of vloggers do this all the time. They’ll sort of call out specific people who have commented on their channel or it’s not necessarily saying, hey, person X, Y, and Z thanks for commenting. It could just be like talking to the viewers like, “hey guys, welcome to my youtube channel. I hope you’re doing well”. And it depends on when you’re posting videos and how it is, but you can talk about your life, you can say how you’re doing, ask them how they’re doing and interact with them as if they were right there.

Offsite connection: outside of YouTube

And then the last idea is to connect with viewers off of Youtube. So whether it’s social media, through email, through your website, if people are really involved in commenting, you can say, hey, let’s be friends on social media. Or you can have links to your social media pages or to your website on your YouTube channel. And if people want to interact with you more, they’re more than likely to go to those places.

In conclusion

So these are some great actionable tips that I hope you start implementing when you create your channel from the very beginning. Start commenting from the very beginning. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.