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Double Your Ad Revenue with the Same Video

Want to double your ad revenue? really simple technique that I’ve been implementing that I’ve been seeing great results in.  This is something every one of you, if you’re uploading videos to youtube, can do and utilize to your advantage to double your money.

Create videos for this youtube channel specifically. Then clip those videos down into shorter chunks. to give you a specific example, let’s say this video that you record is 12 minutes long,  then what you are going to do is basically going to clip this video in an editing software down into a simple, shorter clip that might be titled something completely different.

Obviously, clips should be quick information, advice that you think will do well by itself. Say you are creating a travel video, and you are in Mexico City, talking about the local scene, you can use that clip. Basically, you are repurposing your content and generating multiple contents. You can also compile some of these clips to be a listicle. 10 local scenes in Mexico City.

Using Facebook

If you already have fans on your Facebook page, this would be easy. You can upload your video on Facebook for monetization. Yes, the same video you upload on YouTube you can also monetize it on Facebook.

Using Your Website

This is where all your YouTube videos are also on your website. Create a blog section or video section of your page, transcribe your video and also point your YouTube video to your website. While you might not generate more views for your video, you can generate traffic to your site and make money with ads, products, courses you might want to sell. These videos you add to your site also helps you rank for each of these videos. That means people using Google search can find these video and you can increase your viewers.

You can provide more content for each video, or you might have been writing on your blog and you create videos from your top blog, you can always point to your articles so they can go to your site and read more about what you were talking about in your video.

If you need help in starting a blog you can go to our sisters site In Comes Wealth and learn more about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

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Using YouTube

Capitalize off more ad revenue, more affiliate commission, and potentially increase the opportunity to get a sub a viewer. A great example of this would be Joe Rogan. He has one of the most popular podcasts out there currently.

He also uploads his podcast to youtube videos as well. And you’ll see here that his main channel got about 6.6 million roughly subscribers right now. And it’s growing rapidly now. He does not just upload videos in podcast form to this channel. Instead, you’ll see he has three other channels here. Now, one of them is his editor and his producers’ channel, but the other two are his channels, Joe Rogan and Jerry clips. One’s an older one but he still hasn’t monetized and it’s still collecting potential subs and getting traffic. And it’s also monetized in the form of other videos. So he’s still making ad revenue from this video. But basically a great example of this would be his Jerry clips because all he’s doing here is he’s clipping short-form content from his podcast.

So the podcast might be like three or two hours long. But then he’s clipping maybe that three-hour-long video into like 10 to 20 potential clips, uploading them to this channel as well. Capitalizing off more views, more subscribers and more potential ad revenue. You’ll see this almost 3.1 million subscribers and growing. So everybody does this. It’s smart to do it. You can basically repurpose your content. And when we think repurpose content, we usually think across platforms, right Like Facebook to Instagram or Instagram to YouTube or YouTube to Instagram. But a lot of people don’t think of repurposing content from YouTube to YouTube in the form of a different channel. It’s very, very easy to do. 

None of these videos are different. They’re just clips from his main channel and uploaded here in short-form content. Look, three minutes a minute, a minute, 30 a minute, 12 and as you know, he does this more and more. He’s also potentially collecting more ad revenue and more video or more views, more subs, etc.  As I mentioned before, you can create a listicle video, gather a series of similar content into one, even do commentary. The repurposing content on YouTube is endless, as long as you have the right content.