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YouTube Video Title

The Significance of Having a Perfect YouTube Video Title

YouTube is not just a place to host a few random business videos. As the second-largest search engine after Google, it is a good idea to host videos that will give your business a competitive edge. But doing this does not come cheaply. You must understand how it works before you can gain the right traction.

One area you need to understand is how best to use a YouTube title. A YouTube title is not a title like any other title. It is a title that means a lot and one that can give you a huge push in your video SEO effort. So, why is YouTube video Title so crucial?

  • Video SEO: Your video title talks more about the content of your video. Those few words or keywords that sum up to form the title play a significant role in video ranking. So, make sure to include the right keywords in your title.
  • Click-Through-Rate: Your choice of title will determine whether people will opt to watch your video or not when it pops up in the search results. Even YouTube drums up the use of appropriate titles by saying that well-written titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video, or scrolling right past it.

Best Practices

Below this post takes you through some of the best practices that will help you leverage all the benefits YouTube video title offers. Now let’s have a look at these best practices.

  1. Optimize Your Title For CTR

Click-through-rate contributes significantly to YouTube ranking. In fact, when everything is done right, you can be sure your videos will get viewed by many people. The moment more and more people click on your result, that is a clear indicator your video is valuable. With that in mind, let’s have a look at how best you can boost your title CTR:

  • Include eye-catching words: Make sure to take your time when choosing words to include in your title. Try as much as possible to include a word that will grab the attention at first glance. For example, you can add words like “Wow!”
  • Add a number: This is yet another trick that requires you to use numbers in your title. And yes, it does work when done in the right way. For example, if talking about tips to consider when doing something. You can say something like: “10 tips for a healthy lifestyle.” It is that simple.
  • Get Emotional: Using emotional phrases in your title is another thing you need to consider to boost CTR. A study by Buzzsumo revealed that headlines that include emotional phrases tend to get more clicks and share. Below are some emotional phrases you can add.  
  • Shocked to see
  • Can’t stop laughing
  • Make you cry
  • Give you goosebumps
  • Tears of joy

Avoid clickbait

In your journey to maximize your title’s CTR, you might be tempted to use a clickbait. As much this may seem a good idea, it is not the best way to go. In fact, doing so will only get you into trouble soon. This is because clickbait are not accepted any more acceptable by YouTube. Using them will hurt the chances of your videos being recommended to new viewers. And worse your videos may end up been flagged or buried by YouTube. This is not something you want to happen.

 What is considered Clickbait?

It is effortless for YouTube to single out a clickbait from real videos by simply analyzing the time users interact with it after clicking on it. If people drop off within the first few seconds, it tells YouTube that the video probably has a misleading title that tricks people into clicking.

On the other hand, if the users spend more time watching a video after clicking it, this tells YouTube that the title is relevant to the content of the video.

Use A Headline Analyzer

Another easier way to size up your video content is by using a headline analyzer. And yes, there are many of them in the market today, and some like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is free.

A headline analyzer works by helping you analyze your video title and later displaying detailed feedback on your title. The feedback may also include some useful recommendation that you can use.

Include Your Keyword In Your Title

If serious about leveraging video SEO, then including keywords in your video title has to be a top priority. Remember, in any video; a title is one of the most significant metadata. In fact, a study by one industry study found a clear correlation between keyword-rich titles and rankings for that keyword in YouTube search.

Weighing the terms that comes first or appear early on a title is very crucial, and something you may want to consider very seriously. If possible, consider placing your keywords at the beginning of your title. You are doing all this to boost ranking for those keywords you have used on YouTube. See the example below for more information.

If your target keyword is “resume format”, consider having a title like:

“Resume Formats: 10 professional formats to consider this year.”  

Instead of a tile like: “10 professional resume formats to consider this year.”

Reoptimize Old Videos

Old is gold. You have heard this saying many times. Your old videos, even those that fell flat, are still worth. You just need to revamp them a bit, and soon you will start to see them paying off. It may not be possible to change the content, but it is possible to change the title, tag and description. Once you make the changes, consider using YouTube Analytics to see whether you picked the right title.

Use Titles and Thumbnails That Work Together

Another excellent way to do this is by using a perfect combination of thumbnails and titles. So, make sure to do your homework well. For more information on how best, you can use the two together, see Daily Bumps vlog