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How to Choose the Right Niche for Your YouTube Channel

Many people today already know what their niche will be when deciding to start a id=”urn:enhancement-97ea75e2-3d6e-7a03-7858-2e770ce60daf”>YouTube channel, and this makes it possible for them to remain focused. Having detailed information about the niche you want to target helps you start on the right foot. It makes it simple for you to know the right content to create. Content that has purpose and intent. This is because you already have clear information about your target audience.

Picking the right niche for your YouTube channel is the first thing you need to consider even before you create a channel. To some people and especially those who have something they love doing like web designers, picking a niche may not be an uphill task. For example, a web designer may decide to start a channel that focuses on helping newbies create stunning websites.

But to those who are looking to make good money by creating a YouTube channel. Or those contemplating because also their friends or colleagues have YouTube channels, choosing the right channel may be a bit challenging. Whether you have an idea on the best niche or not, this article has wrapped up some ideas on what to consider when deciding on the niche.


Is there a demand for the subjects you are going to talk about? It is a good idea to conduct due diligence in advance. Rushing the decision to create a YouTube channel and populating it with content is not the best approach. Consider where you invest a lot of your resources to create videos for your channel, yet there is no audience to watch! Sad, right? You don’t have to be a victim to make the right decision.

But if you have a skill you want to show off, there is no need to worry about demand. Just own your skills and make sure people appreciate it. Often, you should worry about demand if looking to make some cash at the end of the day.

Researching the market in advance and seeing whether the niches you are contemplating are being searched for is the best approach. Doing this helps you make a sound decision. You can even use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to know which niche or topics have the highest searches.


You will be spending a lot of time creating content for the subject you pick. If you are not passionate about the subject, in one way or the other, your target audience will feel it. You don’t want your audience to feel you are not putting the right amount of energy in the content you are creating. Make them feel your content is suitable for them.

Remember, people will subscribe to your channel because they are interested in what you are doing. So, if you pick the wrong subject, it will be hard to grow your channel. For example, if you are passionate about technology, make sure to stick to that, and create compelling content. Otherwise, your effort will not pay off.

Select Idea That No One Is Doing

Do you have an idea you believe no one is doing? Do you think you can compellingly present that idea? If yes, it is your chance now to open a YouTube channel and focus on the concept. The best thing with an idea only you have it is that there is no competition and this gives you time to grow your channel. But this does not mean you show less commitment because there is less or no competition. If you don’t put enough effort, another Youtuber may pick the idea and share it in a better way leaving you in the dark. So, be careful even when you own the idea.


Each day, new YouTube channels are created. It is even possible when you will be creating one; hundreds of people across the globe will also create new channels. Although all channels created don’t fall under one niche, it is crucial to find out which niche or topics are more saturated.

In other words, make sure to research competition very well. This includes but not limited to finding out what kind of content other YouTubers deliver, how they engage their audience, and why people watch those videos.

For example, if you find many active YouTubers are talking about data analytics, that is a good indicator, you are likely to have a hard time climbing up the ladder. But don’t always let competition pressure puts you off. Remember, that competition will always be there, so it is good always to brace for completion. In fact, if you can see the flaws in the market and cover them, you have a guarantee of rising above the competition. But for a start, consider topics or niches with least competition, and if you find one with high demand and little competition, the better.

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Pick A Topic That Other YouTubers Are Doing and Do It Better

Do you believe you can deliver better content than other YouTubers? If yes, then this approach is appropriate for you. Remember, you are picking a topic that is probably saturated. This means you have to be prepared for the task ahead of up. Starting from scratch and climbing up the ladder to the top requires commitment. So, if you are not prepared to spend more time research and creating better videos, then don’t follow this path.

Pick a Topic That Solves A Problem

People across the globe are always looking for solutions to problems that surround them. If you can offer solutions to those problems, chances are, you will build your own audience within a short period. In other words, make sure to identify the need before creating any content. And always remember, at the end of the day, your YouTube channel is actually not about you. It is about whether you can provide people with the thing that they need.

Choose an Idea That You Are Good at Or Want to Become Good At

This is self-explanatory. Pick an idea you are confident you can sell.  You don’t have to be a pro in a topic to talk about it. You can pick any topic you are comfortable talking about. And if you choose your subject well, you can be sure to attract a sizable audience. Besides, if you have an idea of what you target audience want, this even makes your work easier. Also, remember to do your homework well before creating any content for your channel.

The Most Popular Niches on YouTube

Now that you have clear information on what to consider when choosing the best niche, let’s dive deeper and see some the best niches on YouTube you can consider.

Storytime Videos

Storytime videos allow you to tell your viewers a true story that happened to you. For example, you can narrate a story about when you were young or a recent one. As long as you can make the story entertaining, this is a path that you should take. And if you do it well, you can be sure to get a lot of views.

Tech Videos


The market today is full of tech devices, and without a doubt, at some point, you have to buy some of these devices. For example, you may decide to buy a new computer. A YouTube channel that review computers can give you an edge when shopping. The same way, if you have a good grasp about technology, you can start a channel and educate on various tech issues. If you are a good enough in creating compelling tech videos you can be sure it will earn you a lot of views with a short period.



Do you love gaming? If yes, starting a YouTube channel and sharing how to play video games is a good idea. For example, people love playing games like FIFA. If you notice there is something giving them sleepless nights, and you are good at it, then go ahead and create videos that provide answers to those problems.

Product Reviews

Many are the times when people rely on product reviews to make a decision. So, if you can review some products well, let’s say fridges, you can be sure to grow your channel. Besides, reviewing products places you at a position of getting free items from companies that need their products put out there for promotional purposes.

Weight Loss or Healthy Living Videos

With many people today looking to cut weight, the demand for content on how to shed weight is also ballooning, So, if you can prepare engaging and informative content on weight loss or healthy living, then consider starting a channel focus on these topics.

Food Reviews

Food review channels focus of helping viewers decide whether to purchase specific food or not. For example, you may find a YouTuber purchasing new menu items from different restaurants and recording himself eating it and at the end the giving the food a grade. If you can do the same or better, then go ahead and get into this niche.



Vlogs are when regular people pick up the camera and record their lives, their everyday lives, and post it to YouTube so that we can view them. If you are thinking about becoming a vlogger, then make sure to focus on a particular audience. For example, you can focus on traveling vlogging, city vlogging, kids vlogging, family vlogging, and so on.

Below are examples of YouTube channels you can visit:

Cartia Mallan

Erik Conover


This is yet another niche that is saturated with prank videos. If you settle on it, then make sure to be good at what you will be doing. Otherwise, your prank videos will get no views.


There are many challenge videos on YouTube. That is a clear indicator some channels focus on creating those challenge videos. Do you think you can also challenge people with videos? If yes, it is your time to be creative.

See these examples for more information:

Blazing Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge

Spicy Noodle Challenge

The Warhead Challenge


Motivational & Inspirational Videos


There are many motivational videos on YouTube. You have probably watched a good number of them. This another niche you can explore. But unlike other niches we have talked about, it will be harder for you to create motivational videos if you don’t feel good and motivated.

Gardening tips and tricks


Do you love gardening, or are you into gardening at the moment? If yes, feel free to start a YouTube channel on gardening tips and tricks. For example, you can create videos on the best gardening tools to use, how to plant specific flowers, and so on. You can visit gardening is my passion.

Lifestyle Advice

You will find people searching for lifestyle advise on YouTube and other search engines like Google. If you have good experience in areas like finance, dating, and relationship, you can start a channel and share your experience. To improve your interaction with fans, considering asking your viewers to comment on the most common challenges they face. Then create a video about the most talked-about topics you have received.

Magic Tricks


Magicians entertain us in many ways, and today, some channels are focused on magic tricks. You can do the same by sharing excellent magic ticks not available on other channels. But remember it take time to learn magic tricks. So, if not patient enough to learn, avoid opening a channel that is focused on magic tricks. Alternatively, you can be a digital magician. How? Use digital tools like Adobe Photoshop to create illusions and surprise others on the internet.

Screencast Videos

Creating a screencast involves recording your computer screen and sharing step by step guide about something you know. Screencasts are an excellent option when you have the knowledge to share. For example, how to install an operating system on your laptop. If you can do this, then go ahead and create a channel.

Trailer and Movie Reactions

Do you always feel you want to express your reaction after watching a movie? If yes, then this niche is perfect for you. All you have to do is grab a camera, start a video, record your exact expressions while watching it, add some extra funny comments, and publish it.

Food and Cooking


Passionate about cooking? If so, then you can create a YouTube channel and share your passion. For example, you can demonstrate how to create a tasty dish, show off your menus, and discuss different kitchen tools you find very helpful.

Unboxing Products

There are new products been released all the time, and most people tend to start shopping by going online to see how these products look like. You can start a channel and show off what actually comes with a new product, what it looks, feel like and so on.

Exercise & Training


There are many people looking to keep fit across the globe. With most of them preferring to watch a video while training instead of reading how to do it. This niche, therefore, presents an opportunity to create a channel if you have the experience you feel is worth sharing. Or will help your viewers accomplish something.

Fail compilation

Most people love watching humorous videos. Fail compilation happen to fall under funny videos. The best thing is that starting a fail compilation video is not an uphill task. You only need to find a couple of funny fail videos from the internet and social media and then adding funny music.

DIY Crafts

Do you love creating things for yourself? Do you find it more satisfying when you show others what you do? If yes, feel free to open a DIY craft channel.

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  • Lifehacks
  • Yoga
  • Education
  • Car and Bike News
  • Pets & Animals
  • Hair Care
  • Software and apps
  • Nutrition
  • Music Instrument Tutorials

How To Monetize Your Channel

  • If you are not just creating a YouTube channel to show off your skills but also to make good cash, here are some ideas you want to consider:
  • YouTube AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling courses, guides, etc.: An excellent option if creating videos about fitness.
  • Paid coaching: This is an excellent option if contemplating creating an educational channel.
  • Brand Endorsement


Choosing the right niche for your YouTube channel should never give you sleepless nights. Hopefully, this post has shed some light on how to pick the right niche. If you need more information, feel free to reach us.