Where to Find Music for Your Videos

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Finding music for your video projects used to be one of the hardest things to do. I would be searching online for hours, trying to find good quality music to use with my videos.

Now Youtube makes it easier than ever with their new audio library, which is being updated constantly with amazing new music to use for your own videos.

Where to find music on YouTube

Go to your YouTube studio >>Other Features>> audio library and it brings up an amazing library with all sorts of music.

find music on youtube

Audio Library - YouTube

I recommend getting music that doesn’t have lyrics for your youtube videos, especially if you or someone else talking in it. You don’t want the music lyrics to compete with the voice or whoever’s talking in your youtube video. That’s a mistake that I see a lot of beginners making with the youtube audio library.

You can save audio tracks that are your favorites and be able to refer back to them in the future by toggling on this favorite status star over on the right side. You can refer back to those songs in your favorites tab. This is great because you are able to see all the songs that you have previously liked.

Now what I do is I actually download a bunch of my favorite songs and keep them in a folder on my computer so that I always have access to them. Remember that there’s attribution required. You can select attribution not required or required prior to selecting your music:

attribution audio library

If there’s this little creative Commons attribution icon right here, which just means that you have to include this text in your youtube description. Now the audio library has a lot of great songs, but there’s not in the infinite amount of music here and the more and more I watched youtube videos, I see other YouTubers using these songs over and over and over, and so you might want to set yourself apart a little bit.

The alternative to YouTube Audio Library

Royalty Free Music Audio from AudioJungle

So what I use is called audio jungle.net to buy songs. They are by Envato which is a popular site to buy web designs and other amazing visual content. Audio jungle has songs from a dollar up. They have a ton of different songs here and you can search by genre and all sorts of things. You can buy music packs if you want to buy a bunch of music, you can buy logo or identity. These are shorter, five to 15 second stings that you can use at the start of your videos. All sorts of great sound effects and songs here. You do have to pay for them, but it is a great library. I’ve generally been happy with all the music that I’ve found on audio jungle.net. Now, of course, like everything, I have my own preferences and after a while I keep going back to the same songs. But if you want to just get started and you need music for your videos, try the audio library on Youtube. There’s lots of great stuff and they’re adding new songs all the time. Thanks for watching. And I can’t wait to listen to some great music in your new videos.