How to Tweet a YouTube Video?

Reading Time is About 3 Minutes

Twitter and YouTube are one of the biggest social media platforms out there with millions or billions of active users. Most users use Twitter to share their thoughts in 280 characters or less, which makes up for a very unique social networking experience. As we browse different videos on platforms like YouTube, we tend to share it with our followers, asking them to have a look at the content.

But there are many other reasons why a user would choose to share a YouTube video on a platform like Twitter. Most content creators during the initial phases of their careers on YouTube want to gain maximum mileage and traction for their videos. They utilize different strategies and tools to accumulate views and engagement on their videos (likes and comments). 

It is a classic strategy to cross share content on social media platforms. If a user actively uploads videos on YouTube then they are most likely to share it with other people solely to gain more views. It is actually a smart and effective way to gain popularity because social media is populated by billions of users who are consuming content daily. 

On average, a social media user checks their phone more than a hundred times to browse these social networks. So, there is a good chance that the videos we share on our Twitter profiles can gain a lot of impressions from our followers as well as other users.

Here is how to Tweet a video on YouTube:

  • Log in to your Twitter profile using email and password. At the same time, open YouTube and choose any video that you are likely to share.
  • Once you access the video, you will find a “share” option at the bottom of your screen.
  • Navigate through that option and it would list down a number of social media platforms on which you can share the particular video.
  • The social media platforms would be present with their official icons, so make sure you remember the icon of Twitter which is a small bird in flight. On an interesting note, this small bird is named after the former NBA player, Larry Bird.
  • Once you choose the option to share on Twitter, you will be directed to a link where the URL of the video would be in a tweet along with a caption.
  • Plus, the title of the video would also be added in the tweet before you hit “tweet”.
  • You can customize the caption, add relevant keywords and hashtags to make it go popular. If your video relates to a popular story developing over the internet, then you can use the relevant hashtag for it on Twitter. 
  • It will allow your tweet to earn more impressions, and hence, much more people are likely to view the video you share.
  • Once you tweet, your video will be tweeted successfully, and if you want to know how it looks, simply select the “Go to Twitter” option below.
  • You will be directed to the Twitter home page. You may find your tweet in your newsfeed or you can simply go to your profile to have a look at it.

Tweeting videos on YouTube has become a common practice and an effective way to drive more views and engagement on a video. This tactic is also used by digital marketing agencies and brands who wish to increase the view count on any of their YouTube videos.