YouTube Video Description

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How to Write the Best YouTube Video Descriptions

YouTube, one of the largest search engines in the world, has a lot to offer. One way to leverage the opportunities it offers is by writing video descriptions that are well optimized. Such video descriptions make it easier for viewers to find your videos more easily through search. Besides, this makes it easier to for you to boost your ranking in the YouTube search.

So, what is a YouTube video description? 

It is a piece of metadata that helps YouTube understand the content of a video. When well optimized, this piece allows YouTube to have a better understanding of your video.

Best Practices

With that in mind, let’s see how you can write great video descriptions for your YouTube videos.

Focus on the first 2-3 sentences

YouTube recommends putting the most relevant keywords toward the begging of your description. This is because its algorithm puts more weight on keywords that appear in the first 2-3 sentences of your description. So, try your best to have the most significant keywords at the beginning of your description.

Here is an exercise for you. Go on YouTube and check out the search results for “Python Tutorials.” You are also free to try other keywords. You will see the top-ranking videos have those keywords in the first, second or third sentences.

Repeat Target Keyword 2-3 Times

Having the relevant keywords you used in the first 2-3 sentences repeated in other parts of your description is a good idea. But remember to avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is not recommended and doing it will get you into more troubles. The best way is to include keywords naturally. Don’t force them.

Use Related Keywords

This is yet another way to make YouTube understand your video better. The idea here is using keywords that are similar or related to the main keywords. For example, if your target keyword is “computer services”, you can include other related terms like;

  • Free computer services
  • Best computer services
  • Laptop repair

Again, remember to include these keywords naturally. Forcing them will result in keyword stuffing.

Aim For 150+ Words

A short description may seem a good idea, but on the other hand, it does not give YouTube enough information. To help YouTube have a clear picture of your video consider having a description that is at least 150 + word long. Remember, YouTube needs enough information to rank your video in the search results. Besides, remember to add a relevant video tag and title.

Optimize Your Description for CTR

We have already seen why the first 2-3 sentences of a video description are crucial in helping YouTube rank your video. You can also optimize those sentences to boost click-through-rate. And the reason is straightforward.  The first 2-3 sentences appear in the search results, thus creating the need to optimize them in a way they are more compelling to click on. Otherwise, people may scroll right past your video in the search results.

Some people may suggest including social media links in your itemid=””>YouTube channel at the beginning. But as much as this may seem a good idea, adding a link is not compelling as compared to when you have 2-3 well-optimized sentences. Again, free feel about going on YouTube and seeing how the first sentences on your video description appear on search results.

Use original content

Making sure every video has a unique description before uploading is very crucial. According to YouTube, original content contributes significantly to your YouTube ranking. You can even hire some to write to create those descriptions if you find it challenging to do so. Luckily, today, it is effortless to find reliable freelance copywriters.

Keep It Conversational

Remember, you are not only creating a description purposely to feed YouTube’s algorithm. You also have to consider people who will read the description. Are they going to find it easy to read? With that in mind, make sure to write your video descriptions naturally. Otherwise, your description may turn out to be a hindrance in your video SEO.

Optimize for Suggested Video

While watching a video on YouTube, you may have seen recommended videos appear on the right side of the video you are viewing. Those are suggested videos and are there because of the significant optimization done to them. Your videos can also appear on that column while other videos are being watched. And it is effortless for them to appear on this column.

You just need to make sure keywords in your description matches the keywords in another video’s description. Once you do that, there is a high chance YouTube will promote them as Suggested Videos. Here is what you can do to make your videos appear on the suggested column.

  • Find popular videos on your topic, two or three videos is ok
  • Then copy some of the same keywords from their description in your description.


YouTube video descriptions mean a lot when it comes to video SEO. They may look simple and easy to create, and sure there are easy to develop, but you have to master the best practices to create them seamlessly. Otherwise, if you create them haphazardly, people who first rely on them to decide whether or not to continue watching will never watch your videos. So, make sure to do everything in the right way. Need more help? We are here to help.