How Often Can You Post Videos

Reading Time is About 2 Minutes

We want to create the content, we want to relay our message, we want to get out there and get known to help people or for whatever the reason. And then obviously as you start, you’re getting better and better. It starts to become more and more like a job and you lose some of that fun. I honestly do think that this is an important lesson to touch on because we learned that as we start or as we, get further and further on in our journey as content creators that we have to suffer some of the quantity and sacrificed some in exchange for some of the editing time and the production value.

We’re taught the higher production value, the better our videos essentially. Look, the more views, the more subs, the higher it will be received for our audience.

Ask yourself the important question

So it’s important to understand and ask yourself, what, why are you doing this. What do you want to get out of this? Are you doing this because it’s fun? because that’s cool? Because the more you produce the higher the chance of making more money? But if you’re doing it because it’s fun, but then it starts to become more and more like a job. What’s going to happen is you’re going to start to put out fewer and fewer videos.

If you’re creating quantity content with value, that’s great. If you’re creating quality content with not as much quantity, that’s also great. What I’m trying to say is keep the balance, understand why, what your goals are for the channel, whether or not you want to have fun, whether it’s more like a job or whether or not you want a balance of everything.

Keep that in mind. I think it’s a really, really good lesson, and I wanted to touch on it today because I think that quantity versus quality debate is something that a lot of creators struggle with, and then they find themselves here more or less on the job side where it’s not as fun and their quantity and their quality overall and how much they’re able to give then suffers.

In conclusion

Whether you post 2 videos a week or 1, or 1 every other week. Being consistent is key so that people can expect a new video from you every time. But plan ahead as to the quality of life you want to live. You can get burnt. You can exchange posting more videos to connecting with your audience. Leave comments, use other social media platforms to talk with them, keep them coming back for more. In this way, you don’t have to create a lot of content but build the relationship.

The more you can focus on having fun, the more your audience will see that and come back for more.