Best Vlogging Techniques Pro Youtubers Apply in Their Vlogs 

Reading Time is About 4 Minutes

Becoming a vlogger is not usually as easy as it sounds. You can’t just call yourself an accomplished vlogger by simply posting videos daily. There is more to that to be successful in vlogging. Here is the thing you need to practice and practice until you master all the techniques great vloggers apply in their vlogs. So, which are these techniques? This post has detailed them below. So keep reading to learn more. 

Design a theme

A theme helps you decide what to vlog. Your theme is directly linked to your purpose and must help you reach your target audience. You can make your theme simple or complex but remember to come up with one that says what your vlogging is all about.

Pay attention to the length

video editingThe length of your vlogs is very crucial. Short segments are more likely to keep your viewers’ attention to the end. One concern with short segments is failing to capture everything you want to pass into detail.

Long segments, on the other hand, are a big plus. They accommodate everything you want to pass but be cautious as most people don’t like viewing length videos. Basically, if you must prepare a length one, keep it under the 10-12-minute mark.

Have a plan

Do you have a plan? It is always good to know where you are headed before you get started. The purpose of your vlog, what you are hoping to accomplish, and how you are going to end your vlog are some of the things that must be clear before you get started. Often, if you don’t have a plan, you are going to find it challenging to excel in vlogging.

Have the right equipment

vlog equipment

There is no shortcuts here. You want your vlogs to look truly professional; then you must use the right equipment. Get a good camera, a tripod, audio recorder, lighting box and other lighting equipment. In other words, invest in equipment that will truly make you a professional vlogger.

Developing confidence on camera

Many people at first get goosebumps when required to speak on camera. So don’t be scared if you find yourself in just an awkward scenario. If you practice, soon you will have the confidence to speak on camera. Below are some strategies that can help you hone your confidence:

  • Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace.
  • Pay keen attention to what you do right. Everything you do right will always motivate you.
  • Observe yourself in front of a mirror. Do you feel okay? If so, you are on the way to becoming a great vlogger.
  • Do a trial take. Ask yourself what is missing, then try to put it in.
  • Limit your number of takes. It is okay for a vlog to have a few elements of personality left in it!

Editing well

video editing

Professional vlogger can really tell you the beauty of editing your vlogs well. You want to give your vlogs a professional look; then you must take time to edit them before hitting the share or upload button. Otherwise, your effort will not pay off.

Here are a few things you can do to make your video stand out:

  • Add appropriate visual effects to get the effect that you’re looking for.
  • Add text and logos as needed.
  • Sharpen audio and/or add music and effects so that your sound is just as crisp as your visual presentation.
  • Remove all errors in your presentation. Whether it is a misspelt word or an incomplete segment, make sure to take it out.

If you pick the right vlog editor and practice often, you can be sure to master the right skills within a short period.

Making a habit of watching other vlogs

Never feel shy to learn from others. Even great vloggers still borrow ideas from others. No one is all-rounded in vlogging. So have the courage of watching other vlogs and pick ideas used that will make your vlogging skills perfect. Simply, develop a habit of learning from other vlogs by watching them often.


You have the potential to be a great vlogger too. And yes, you can be one if you follow the above techniques. They are easy but requires your commitment? Are you ready to apply them? If yes, you a few steps to becoming a famous vlogger.