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Guide to Proper YouTube Video Tagging

When talking about ranking factor in YouTube, it is hard to ignore YouTube tags. Sometimes you will hear them been referred to as video tags. So, what are YouTube tags? These are words or phrases that you can add in your YouTube video. Including them make it easier for YouTube as well as viewers to know what your videos are all about. Besides, they play a significant role in helping your videos rank higher in the search results.

Why are these tags crucial?

  • First, adding them make it easier for YouTube to have more information about your videos. For example, YouTube can use them to classify every video you upload.
  • They also play a significant role in ranking. So, if you are looking forward to having your videos rank higher in the search results, then make sure to include them.

Best Practices

Optimizing your video tags can make a big difference in YouTube classifying your videos and ranking them. Now let’s see how you can optimize them in the best way possible. Below, this piece has wrapped up some best practices that will give every Youtuber out there an edge.

Focus on the first few tags (first tag = target keyword)

When it comes to video SEO, YouTube focuses more on the first few tags, with more emphasis on the first tag. This, therefore, creates a need of making sure your primary keyword (the one you want to rank for) is precisely the tag you will include. For example, if you want to rank your video for keyword “Marriage counseling” then make sure to include it as the first tag.

Used a mix of focused and broad tags

Combing, both focused and broad tags is another excellent way that will help YouTube and viewers figure out what your videos are all about.  Focused tags may include tags like “how to write a blog,” best baby clothes” or “sell a house fast.” They are more specific and help YouTube figure out your video’s topic.

On the other hand, broad tags give YouTube a vital context of your videos. For example, if your focused tag is “sell a house fast,” your broad tags could be something like:

  • How to sell a house fast
  • Unload your house quickly
  • Sell your property fast for good cash
  • Quick house buyer etc.

With that in mind, make sure have these two types of tags in the tag section.

Use YouTube tools to generate tags

If you find it challenging to pick the best keywords to use, it is a good idea to use tools like TagsYouTube


and VidIQ Boost to generate tags. These tools are easy to use and always suggest the best tags to add. For example, if using TagsYouTube, you will only enter your video’s primary keyword, and within a few seconds, a trail of tags you can use pops up. It is that simple to generate tags with tools.

[wpsm_hidelink text=”VidIQ Boost” link=””] is a super helpful feature of the paid version of VidIQ.

What makes VidIQ Boost unique is that it suggests tags for you within the YouTube video editor.

In other words, you get a list of keyword suggestions inside of your browser:

Tag length

How long should each of the tags be? Two, three, five, or ten words? A shot tag may not have enough information for YouTube. On the other hand, a lengthy tag might give YouTube information overload. So, what is the best approach? According to data from Briggsby, the best tag length for SEO is 2-3 words. See the examples below for more information.

  • Sell house fast
  • Quick home buyers
  • Buy junk houses

In the above three examples, those tags are communicating, making it easier for YouTube to tell what your video is all about. If you decide to use a group of single-word tags like “sell,” “house,” and “fast,” it will be difficult for YouTube to decode. In other words, try as much as possible to use descriptive tags while at the same time paying keen attention to the length of each tag you add.

Stick to 5 – 8 tags

How many tags can you have on youtube? Just like it is not recommended to stuff keywords, it is also terrible to stuff tags. Doing so will confuse YouTube, and this will result in YouTube unable to tell what your content is all about. Besides, even classifying your videos and showing them on the suggested column will also be hurt. Can you imagine been slapped with 50 tags and asked to pick those that best describe a video! Without a doubt, this will be an uphill task, why then give the YouTube algorithm more work? Simply use a few tags (5 – 8) that YouTube will understand with a few seconds.

Advanced Strategies

Below are more ideas on how best you can leverage YouTube tags.

  • Read your tags: Consider going through the tags you have a few more times without looking at your title and description. Do you find them appropriate? Do you feel something is not ok? If you find them ok, you have nailed it; otherwise, you have to revisit.
  • Add Long Tail Keywords: Adding long-tail variations of your target keywords as a tag is very crucial. So, if you have room, consider adding a few variations.  To do this, consider typing that keyword into YouTube and see what other suggestions pop up. Here is an exercise for you, go to YouTube and see what variations keyword “sell a house” suggests.
  • Copy Tags from Popular Videos: This is yet another trick. Copying tags from popular videos and using them can help you rank as a suggested video. So, consider searching for similar and popular videos on YouTube and copying some of the tags.

how to see tags on youtube? You can easily see a video’s tags using TubeBuddy:

  • Use Accurate Tags: Last but not least, remember to include accurate tags. In other words, avoid using misleading tags. A misleading tag can include adding the name of your competitors or celebrities as your tags. Note that any misleading information such as adding competitor names as your tags can result in your video been taken down.