Being Authentic

Reading Time is About 4 Minutes

YouTube is all about being authentic first.

What does this mean?

Being authentic is being yourself and showing it off to your youtube viewers, showing off your personality, showing off your life, who you are so that people can really see you for who you are and connect with you.

Because of that, you also need to be honest and don’t sell out. There’s all a lot of YouTubers once they become very big, once they start making a ton of money online, they stop interacting with people.

They stop commenting on their videos, responding to people, and I know that some people, it’s just impossible to respond to everybody once you get to that point, but you still want to be honest, you don’t want to sell out and try to scam people.

This is what I hate so much about online business is when people try to scam others.

Being authentic is sharing your personal story throughout your journey, throughout your videos. Not necessarily create a video that’s, like hey, here’s my personal story. But throughout your journey, just sharing your personal story.

This is why providing updates is also important. Do blog vlog style videos from time to time just to share your life with your followers. And remember, people, want connections. People who subscribed to you are subscribing because they want that connection with you. They are spending their time watching your video, whatever that time may be, whether it be a lunch break, in the bathroom, before going to bed, before going to work, a connection with a video or a channel is not the key, the key is you.

People want connections with a person.

And if you are a person who is the owner of your youtube channel, you can show off your authenticity, your honesty, and your personality to build that connection. Providing Q&A for your viewers is a great way to increase your engagement with your viewers also break the barrier and provide that opportunity for them to reach out and speak their voice.

Responding to questions live while they asked you questions. You can use YouTube Live Events to create an event for your viewers to join you.

Any ideas you might have to share and show off my personal side, do it.

Create vulnerability, relatable situations, find common grounds or create empathy. All of these can help create deeper connection with your viewers. Putting yourself on camera and creating those moments is how you can be authentic and unique, but at the same time show that you appreciate your viewers by sharing your moments with them.

If you have your own channel, put yourself in front of the screen, put yourself on the, on the screen in front of the camera so people can see you, they will connect with you better if they can see you. So how are you going to do this? Do a vlog style video or a series of blog-style videos where you share your life with people and make it about a specific topic each day. You know you have a very interesting life, I’m sure, and make it about a specific topic and do a series.

You can also create a video about your personal story

So this is maybe an introduction to your channel where you kind of talk about your story, how you got here, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it. You can also share secrets about how you do what you do. People want to learn from experts. And if you are a trainer and expert, a coach, if you run a business or do anything like that, have a brand of your own. They’ll want to see how you do it, and provide opportunities for them to succeed as well.

Another thing is to show your face in your videos.

So I’d talked about that just a second ago. But it’s true. People do like connecting with people that they can see. It’s an easier connection. It doesn’t have to be the entire video. And for your youtube channels, it doesn’t have the be every single video. It just throughout sometimes posting videos with your face in it. So those are some great actionable items. Now it’s time to take action, put this into practice and have success.