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Gettings Views WIthout Subscribers

In this section we’re going to learn how to get views without subscribers. Again, this is starting from scratch. People like you, me who didn’t have a brand when we started our own YouTube channel, how do we start to get those views when we don’t know where to post our videos or how to get them? So in this section, We will be teaching you about focusing on search, keyword planning and self-promotion. So get ready for some more awesome tips

Use search

The latest report from YouTube revealed 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute That’s an entire day’s worth of basic cable every two minutes. So I guess you could say it’s pretty difficult to stand out. Your video will almost certainly receive zero views if you upload it and expect YouTube to take

It’s important to make videos that people are already searching for until you built an audience. No one is specifically seeking you out. They’re going to be searching for a solution to a specific problem and it’s your job as a creator to offer a solution to that problem.

Now, that doesn’t mean to be somebody that you’re not. I’m not going to go out and start making makeup tutorials on YouTube because they’re really popular right now, but it does mean to do what you’re passionate about, but talk about it in a language that people are already receptive to.

Now that can be very easy or very difficult depending on the type of video you make if you’re making how-to videos. It’s actually pretty easy. You just include names or brands or products or techniques you’re using in the video and your titles. People are already searching for that. So for example, if you have a cooking channel, you include the recipe in the title that you’re cooking. That way people search for it and they find you.

If you’re doing something a little less structured or daily blogging, it can be a little more challenging, but it’s still definitely possible. And the way to do that is to include your opinion about a product, service or technique in your videos every once in a while. So for example, say you go to a theme park or you test drive a new car, make sure you include that product or place or event in your title so that when people search for it, they find your blog. And if you’re posting frequently or even daily, you can take advantage of what’s called tentpole programming. But we will talk about just a little bit later, no matter what category your videos fall into, you are going to need to get comfortable with keyword research and titling your videos to get the most views.

In order to do that, you need to know how to do keyword research:

Youtube Video Keyword Research

Self Promoting

Okay. Now you’ve done your keyword research, you’ve created your first video, you’ve got your slick thumbnail, your catchy title. Where are all the views? Well, unfortunately, just because you’ve created a searchable video doesn’t mean that YouTube is going to include it in their search. Remember 400 hours uploaded every minute.

The truth is, in our experience, we’ve found that YouTube helps those that help themselves, which brings us to one of the most important topics. We’re gonna cover, self-promotion. One of the things that I think we’ve done really well, which has contributed a lot to our growth is our self-promotion strategy.

It is basically to post your videos anywhere and everywhere that will take them. Even post your video in a small subreddit group, Quora, Pinterest, social media, whether you go viral or gain small traffic, be everywhere. Maybe in the first month, you receive 100 views, but over time it can increase in traffic. It can take 6 months, a year or two, but the goal is to be available for everyone at any time, anywhere and everywhere.

Definitely have your own website but also work with major blogs and magazines.

Tips and best practices 

Let’s face it; when you post videos on YouTube, you expect them to attract more and more viewers. When that doesn’t happen, it surely hurts. Imagine checking your videos a week or month later and realizing it has zero views. 

This can happen if you don’t have any interested subscribers yet. Sometimes this can also happen if you have a history of producing subpar content. So be careful with the kind of content you create and post. We are certain you can produce great content.

Assuming you go to any length to create awesome content, what do you need to get more views on YouTube with 0 subscribers? Here are tips and best practices we enjoin you to give a shot.

Get started already

The first step to getting views is creating the right videos. No one is going to watch your videos if there is nothing to watch. You must give viewers the reason why they need to visit your channel. 

You also want to stick to a schedule and keep it pretty regular. This is because YouTube’s algorithm rewards those who upload regularly. We are confident you can maintain a certain level of consistency. 

Make eye-catching thumbnails

Your thumbnails are the first thing YouTube users will see. So, you want to create thumbnails that will lure users into clicking and watching your videos. Otherwise, if no ones watch them, you won’t get any subscriber and any view. A good thumbnail is not only catchy but also tell exactly what the video is about, like this one:


YouTube SEO

YouTube’s algorithm ranks videos for search results and recommends them on similar videos to your own. How this algorithm ranks your videos depend on several factors, including how your videos are categorized, how you have optimized around the right keywords,  your customized thumbnails, etc.

The thing is, if you customize your video properly, your videos will pop on the first SERP, and that automatically will result in more views.

Comment on other YouTuber’s videos

You may not feel the impact of commenting on YouTube immediately, but if consistent, you will. We recommend checking out popular videos and leaving thoughtful comments. Such comments drive into the specifics. For example, say why you love the video, what you think needs to be polished, etc. You can also leave humorous comments that stand out. That way you might intrigue owners of these videos as well as their viewers to visit your channel and watch your videos. 

Create searchable video titles

Your choice of titles could be the other reason why people are not watching your videos. A good title is searchable, attractive, and informative. No one will search for a boring title and if using such titles that means no clicks and no subscribers for you.

Send your audience to other YouTuber’s videos

Most YouTubers are doing this today where they send audiences to each other’s channel to exchange their follower base. They do this by talking a bit about an interesting video they want their viewers to watch and how shocking or funny they found them. Then they ask them to go, watch, and leave comments. 

You can also team up with some YouTubers and do this. We recommend you compare the channels of your target YouTuber before joining hands. That way, it will be easier to collaborate with the right content creators. Socialblade is one handy tool you can use to compare other YouTubers and achieve other goals. Give it a shot! For this strategy to work well for you, make sure only to send your viewers to watch informative and exciting videos.

Take advantage of social media

You are missing a lot if not leveraging social media today. Whether you have some followers on social media or not, you can still use the various channel to get more views. How? It is simple! For example, on Instagram, you can create short clips and rank them easily with hashtags to get them Infront of people. You can do the same for other channels but remember to customize for each to drive more viewers to your channel. 

Use some paid YouTube ads

Paid ads can give your channel a little bit of a boost and especially when getting started.  This is because YouTube takes a bit longer to determine the value of a channel based on how people are watching the uploaded videos. If no one is watching your videos, then it means you may have to wait longer for your channel to be recognized. Fortunately, there is a quicker way to do this: use paid ads. 

Join communities

Today there are various active communities you can join and make a huge impact. For example, you can join Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and other noteworthy communities. Once a member of these communities, there are some things you can do increase your views:

  • Find what audience of each community want, create a video, post it on your channel and give them your link.
  • Provide answers to questions asked and direct the audience to your channel for more information on the same. 

No matter which community you join, make sure to adhere to the terms and conditions to avoid being kicked out.

Connect with bloggers

We have seen many YouTubers overlook this option, yet it is highly effective in getting views. You just need to reach out to reliable bloggers in your community and offer to provide them with quality video content. Keep in mind most bloggers don’t have the time to create quality videos. If you commit to providing them with the right content and they agree to link back to you, no doubt you will increase your views.

Keep improving your videos

You are not creating videos for yourself. So listen to your viewers and make the necessary changes as soon as you got feedback. Even when they leave negative feedback, don’t give up. Use it to improve your content. That way, it will be easier for you to earn more views.

Does re-watching a YouTube video count as a view?

YouTube treats a view as a count when a video is watched for at least for 30 seconds. If a video is shorter than 30 seconds, YouTube will treat it as count on complete video play. For example, a 20-sec long video must be watched for 20 sec to get a view.

YouTube never stops anyone from viewing a video until its private or blocked in a country or have +18 content. That means even the owner can watch that video 30 times. However, it is against the ads clicking by the owner.

Replaying a video would give a count. If you watched 50 times a video so 50 views would be added to the total count.

One more thing that YouTube keeps, that 30-sec playtime to treat as a count is because no one could ultimately judge what a video contains with a thumbnail. In that case, you need, and according to a survey, a normal user needs 20–30 sec to judge whether to watch or not.

And its total 30 seconds count if you skipped to the middle part and watched for 20 sec and then skipped to last part and watched for 10 sec so it will be treated as count.

Can YouTube delete views?

Yes, YouTube can delete your views if they notice you acquired them illegally. Just stick to the acceptable views, and YouTube will never trouble you. For some further information, click here.

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