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How to TimeStamp Your YouTube Videos

YouTube remains one of the most widely used platforms not only for internet users but marketers to accelerate brand recognition and drive sales of products/services. There are different methods and tools to allow user engagement and improve user experience.

Timestamping on YouTube is another widely popular feature utilized by almost every channel. In fact, timestamping is one of the biggest features of YouTube’s comment management strategy. For many, it is a new concept and a bit complicated as well. Timestamping comments on both web and mobile are different, so it is important to learn to do both. 

Timestamp YouTube Comments on Web Version

  • Visit YouTube, sign in, and open a video. 
  • Find the time you want to timestamp in the video’s runtime.
  • Start the video, select a time, and pause there. Make sure you get the time right. Let’s say: 9:16. 
  • Navigate to the bottom-left corner of your video where you will find timestamp in the format: hours/minutes/seconds.
  • The format is in the right of your video’s volume icon. There you will also find the complete length of the video on the right. The format would look like: current timestamp/entire video’s length.
  • So, using the time you selected, the format would look like this: 9:16/10:00. This would happen if you pause at nine minutes sixteen seconds in a ten-minute video.
  • Once you have selected the desired timestamp, scroll down, and navigate to the box saying, “add a public comment”.
  • In this comment box, you need to choose the timestamp correctly, as it was in the video. It will create a link that will direct you to the point of the video you have selected (9:16).
  • Next, create your comment and add the timestamp link. Enter things like “What’s the accent at 9:16?”
  • Once you are done, click the “comment” option. You will create a comment with a timestamp turned blue, linking to the specific time you chose in the video.

Timestamp YouTube Comments on Mobile Version

  • Just as above, visit YouTube app, search and open a video.
  • Play and find the time you want to timestamp and then pause the video.
  • Be sure to get the time right. For example, 3:16.
  • On the bottom left, you will find the timestamp format in the following way: hours/minutes/seconds.
  • If you paused the video at 3:16, your timestamp format would be like 3:16/5:00 (current timestamp/total time).
  • Once you have got the time right, scroll down, and look for the “add a public comment” option. 
  • Enter the correct timestamp in the comment. The link would be automatically created pointing at the time you selected.
  • Write a statement with your timestamp, something that goes like: “What is the song at 3:16?” or anything of your desire.
  • Finally, tap the option to post. It is located at the right corner where you wrote the comment. This way, your comment will be successfully created with the timestamp highlighted in blue.

YouTube is a very engaging platform with exciting features that continue to transform the user experience. The timestamping feature is definitely a lifesaver and relieves one of a hassle of finding a particular point in a video all by yourself.