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How to create a YouTube Channel Description

Setting up a YouTube Channel might sound like an easy task, but there are a couple of things you should pay attention to because they can have an important impact on the overall performance of your channel. One of them is Channel Description. You probably have an idea about what a YouTube Channel Description should look like but how about getting an in-depth, step-by-step guide to how to write a terrific one? 

The Important of a top-notch YouTube Channel Description

A Channel Description is what most of you might simply know as the “YouTube About Page”. There, you can outline what your channel is all about, what type of content your public should expect from you and maybe something about you. It is important to display a clear message there because it will also appear in YouTube search results. A smart YouTube Channel Description can bring your first subscribers and continue doing so. 

Let’s look at Best Ever Food Review Show example. If you type in “food channel” on YouTube, you will see their channel along with their channel description. You’ll only see a snippet of their description:

If you type in their channel name, you will see the same channel description:

Here’s the actual channel description. You’ll notice that the first sentence is what shows up (screenshot above)

Writing a YouTube Channel Description step-by-step

  1. Focus on the first 100-150 words

YouTube will only show a 100-150 character fragment attached to your channel in the search results. So, you need to start strong and make people want to read more about your channel and ultimately hit the subscribe button. You can begin with a catchphrase like Unbox Therapy does: “Where products get naked”, or you can start simple, like PewDiePie: “I make videos”. The important thing is to follow along with an honest and concise description that showcases your channel. 

  1. Write to your viewer

Try to avoid phrasings like: “My channel is the most awesome platform for gaming videos”. You can get close and personal as you grow, as a brand, but at the beginning, you’ve got to keep it simple, professional, with a touch of witty humor if possible. 

  1. Don’t forget about Keywords

Yes, keywords are really important and YouTube SEO is not to be overlooked. For example, if someone has no idea what YouTube Channels on yoga to subscribe to, they’ll simply search for “Yoga”, “yoga exercises” on YouTube and it wouldn’t be bad to appear in the first results, up there, on the top, where the “mighty click” lands most often, right? 

yoga - YouTube

Here’s another example:


So, when you begin writing your YouTube Description, along with a tagline, think about the words your future subscribers would use to find your niche and use them at the beginning of your description. 

  1. Call To Action

You can and your description with a CTA to subscribe. If someone has read until the end, then they’d probably hit the subscribe button as well. Make sure to give them a reason to subscribe. Like: “Subscribe to start learning for FREE now” 

Description CTA

  1. Schedule

You can also add your temporary schedule to your YouTube description so that people would find it easier and know what you’re going to post every week. 

All in all, your YouTube Channel Description is your “business card” for future subscribers. So, make it professional, attractive and witty. It will really make a difference! 

Schedule in description


There you have it!