YouTube Fonts

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What Is The Best YouTube Font to Use as a YouTuber?

In visual arts and design terms, a typing font holds great importance when communicating a message to an audience. It is not simply treated as a writing style but an element which is integral in grabbing the attention of people to whom the message is targeted. In digital and conventional marketing, graphic designers lay great emphasis on the fonts they use to write ad copies and messages. Every advertisement banner, newspaper supplement, magazine ads, flyers, poster, brochure, etc. carry captions which are backed by a thought process mainly to appeal to the masses.

The same rules apply to YouTube. Every video’s thumbnail has a text written in a font. They are designed and written to grasp the attention of viewers. A suitable and elegant font goes a long way in convincing users to click on a video. 

Content creators understand the importance of fonts which is why they employ ideas and key strategies to get it right. One does not have to be a graphics designer in order to keep their font game strong on YouTube. It is only about several factors which one has to keep in mind before applying a particular font.

The default fonts offered by Google on YouTube are Roboto, Roboto Mono, YT Sans, Sans Serif, Noto, Arial, etc. These are basic fonts which are widely used by beginners. It is also a fact that viewers are used to watching these particular fonts on almost every thumbnail. Nowadays, YouTubers are trying different fonts which Google, not necessarily offers by default.

In order to pick the right font, one has to keep a few things in mind:

  • Theme and context of the video: If a video is centered on a scientific discovery or generally a viral political debate, it would seem inappropriate to add text in a funky and groovy font. It is common sense that such a font would not be suitable for the video’s context. In this case, a rather simple font would seem more appropriate. So, content creators have to keep this important aspect in mind when choosing a font for their video. 


  • Target audience: Your target audience also plays a vital role. If your videos are targeted to children under 12 years of age, you are most likely to use creative and stylish fonts in order to appeal to the children. Similarly, if you are based in a well-defined niche where your audience shares minimalistic aesthetics then you are advised to choose a font accordingly.


  • The image on thumbnail: The image on thumbnail holds great significance here. No content creator would want to pick a ridiculously funky and glittery font to go with a sensitive image. It would look absurd, ridiculous, and out of place. So, one has to keep in mind the image to go on the thumbnail and then pick a font which would not just match but complement it.



Many YouTubers are involved in the practice of downloading custom-designed fonts from the internet. Only download content from trusted sources. Copyright infringements are strictly not tolerated and could lead you to a ban as well on YouTube. 

In this regard, some of the fonts that you can use are Comfortaa, Gobold, Ubuntu, Amanda Signature, Vonique, and many more. It is always recommended that you keep the above mentioned tips in your mind when choosing a font for your videos. Remember, every font choice should be carefully thought of because it massively impacts the credibility of your content.